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Amanda Montoya

Alexa is a great educated early childhood teacher, she has many years of experience with child development. She brings out the uniqueness of each individual child, and contributes greatly to their development. I highly recommend Horizon Kids Learning Center, it will be a great life experience for your child!!

Kim Chavez Cook

My 2-year-old has been full time at Horizon since July and it's been amazing! Alexa is wonderful! My child is completely bonded to her and the other kiddos. Their days are full of play, creativity, music, physical activity, and yummy food! At this early age it was really important to us that our kiddo be in a nurturing home environment while also getting social interaction and age appropriate educational fun. I can't imagine a better situation for our family!

Jieyi HeSeibel

I have known Haley for many years now. I have watched her become an incredible mother to her two children and saw her passion for children as she worked in childcare centers and attended school to pursue her Bachelors degree over the years. I really believe she is someone who was born to work with kids. Her heart and dedication show in everything she does and there isn’t anyone I would trust more to nurture and teach children.

Helen Condit

Haley is amazing with children. She is so patient with the children. I am amazed that she is able to put my 3 year old down for a nap. She is very knowledgeable about age appropriate activities which is so important at this young age. I highly recommend Horizon Kids Learning Center for anyone looking for a kind, patient, knowledgeable, and overall amazing teacher for their child!

Ash Nunley

Haley’s expertise in early childhood education is clear in the activities she designs. She understands what a toddler needs and is consistently diligent about meeting those needs. She provides structure and fun and we are beyond grateful to have found such a creative, caring, and energetic person to care for our daughter. Really though, she doesn’t just care for our daughter she enriches her life. Another thing I love about Haley is how she is able to be completely professional yet also feel like family. We love Horizon Kids Learning Center!!!

Faith Applewhite

Well, I can’t figure out how to leave an official review (and I’ll delete this and paste it into a review when I figure it out), but I wanted to chime in and say that Haley and her family have been an absolute blessing for us this year. Our 1.5 yo starts kicking and singing as soon as we get close to their house in the morning, and never wants to leave in the evening 😂. Haley keeps us updated on anything urgent immediately and has an awesome method for communicating non urgent issues. Suffice it to say that as my husband and I were mentioning this morning, we have never met anyone more gifted with children than Haley. She’s a total rockstar, gentle and careful, excellent at communicating and meets special requests. She even helps with milestones like teaching him to walk, helping with weaning, and creating an awesome nap routine. Horizon kids is amazing. We feel so fortunate to attend!!